Introducing the Micro Chef Grill

I’m Eric Theiss. Like you, I’m always amazed at how many new kitchen tools are advertised. The question I always ask is: will this really make my life easier?

After 20 years in the culinary world, I’ve tried a lot of products. The Micro Chef Grill is one of the few that’s actually given me more time outside the kitchen.

Between my career and my family, I’m very busy. I don’t always have time to cook a roast in the oven. Or the energy to stand over a hot stovetop to make sure the food I’m cooking doesn’t burn.

Especially in the spring and summer. And with the MicroChef Grill, I spend hardly any time cleaning up.

Let’s face it. Microwave grilling and microwave cooking is always disappointing. There’s nothing appetizing about a soggy dinner.

This is where the Micro Chef microwave oven grill comes in. I use it to grill and sear food— just like I would a barbeque or sauce pan. And I can’t tell the difference. I never thought I would be able to grill professionally in my microwave…

…in just a few minutes. Grilled burgers? Only five minutes. I can even roast an entire chicken in 12 minutes.

I just place the food I’m cooking into the Micro Chef Grill. The microwave heats the dual heating elements on the top and the bottom of the grill. So I’m able to make homemade meals about 70% faster.

I use the Micro Chef grill as a Dutch oven and a grill press, depending on what I’m cooking. For weekend lunches, my kids love grilled sandwiches. If I take the extender ring out, the grill becomes a panini press. I get mouthwatering paninis with juicy grill marks.

When I leave the extender ring in, the Micro Chef Grill transforms into a Dutch oven. I use it to make fall off the bone wings on Friday nights.

And let me tell you— they’re juicy on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outside. I wouldn’t believe you if you told me they were cooked in a microwave.

One big reason why recipes turn out so well in the Micro Chef grill is the quality of the non-stick coating. A first-rate ceramic coating is a must for microwave oven grilling.

These days I only buy cooking utensils if they’re coated with professional-grade ceramic non-stick.

When I’m cooking in my Micro Chef Grill, I can add as much barbeque sauce as I want to my wings. Or make gooey grilled cheese sandwiches. I don’t worry because nothing sticks to the inside surface.

That means clean-up is simply washing out the base & lid with non-abrasive soap. And so much more time with my family.

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